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The First China-Europe Freight Train to Murmansk was launched

Add Time:2020-03-19 10:53:28


On March 17, two China-Europe freight trains from Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, arrived in Murmansk, Russia, as scheduled, after a 12-day journey. Thus, the "Tongliao - Murmansk" China-Europe freight train opened by Liaoning Port Group successfully completed its first transportation task. The 1,450 tons of cargo will be transferred to Murmansk, Moscow and other regions as soon as the unloading operation is completed.

Tongliao is a transportation hub connecting the east with the west and connecting the south with the north in the eastern region of Inner Mongolia. It is also one of the planning areas for the development of the western region and the revitalization of the old industrial base in the northeast of China. In order to effectively promote the opening up of Tongliao region to the outside world and fully guarantee the smooth and stable export channels of products of hinterland enterprises during the outbreakc of covid-19 epidemic, the Group vigorously carried out the supply organization and delivery work of the China-Europe freight train in Tongliao region, and successfully opened the "Tongliao - Murmansk" China-Europe freight train through market-oriented operation.

It is reported that the "Tongliao - Murmansk" China-Europe freight train, which was fully loaded with drilling rods, electronic products, aginomoto and other goods, set off from the inland port of Tongliao on March 5, covered more than 9,200 kilometers and took 12 days to arrive at the terminal station – Murmansk, becoming the first China-Europe freight train to reach the Murmansk region of Russia directly opened by the Group. Under the organization and promotion of the Group, the inland port of Tongliaot has despatched ten China-Europe freight trains this year, with a cumulative shipment of more than 800 TEU, thus realizing the normal operation of China-Europe freight train during the epidemic.