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The Record of the Longest Bulk Operation Broken

Add Time:2020-05-27 15:54:50


On May 26, a batch of ultra-long steel pipe with the longest length of 56.1 meters were safely hoisted to the "Super Speed Pioneer" ship, Yingkou Port of Liao Gang Group has broken record of the longest length of steel pipes for loading and exporting so far.

It is reported, the shipment of super long steel pipe is the first batch of products produced by Zhongke Northern Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. after the resumption of production. It will be used for the LNG project in Canada, with the length ranging from 42.5 meters to 56.1 meters. It is planned to be shipped in two batches at Yingkou Port. This shipment is the second batch of steel tubes, a total of 139, weighing more than 6,000 tons, among which 5 super long steel pipes of 56.1 meters are the longest size steel pipes exported through Yingkou Port so far.

In order to provide customers with high quality and efficient services, Yingkou Port gives full play to its pivotal role and fully supports the resumption of work and production of enterprises. Yingkou Port opens a green channel for congregation and loading of ultra-long steel piped. It has made full preparations in terms of site arrangement and process formulation, to successfully complete the operation links such as receiving and unloading, reshipment and loading.

Yingkou Port has the gantry crane with the largest lifting capacity at domestic ports, which is mainly used for the maritime transport of equipment manufacturing products in Liaoning province, and has built a convenient and efficient maritime transport channel for the outward transport of large goods in Northeast China.