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"Meat Global Center Warehouse" Settled in Dalian Port

Add Time:2020-06-10 15:57:40

Recently, a shipment of frozen pork was despatched from Rotterdam port of the Netherlands to Dalian Port Dayaowan container terminal of Liaoning Port Group and stored in the bonded warehouse of Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain Co., Ltd. This is the first attempt to open a global meat bonded warehouse at Dalian Port, adding new impetus to the construction of an important frozen meat distribution center in the north at Dalian Port.

It is reported that the goods are entrusted by Vion Group of the Netherlands and kept by Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain Co., Ltd. Under the premise that there is no buyer, the goods will enter into bonded storage. When the domestic buyer and the consignor reach a deal, the consignor will issue instructions to the bonded warehouse for import declaration, and then complete the general trade import. This mode extends the storage of overseas frozen goods to the domestic market and extends the trade chain to the bonded warehouse for delivery, which not only solves the problem of frozen goods storage for overseas sellers and reduces the production cost, but also reduces the trade risks such as cargo loss and port congestion and container congestion at the domestic end of the supply chain.

It is reported that, for a long time, Yidu Cold Chain has been actively building China's largest banana market trading center, international aquatic products transit center and the important frozen meat distribution center in the north in order to promote the rapid development of cold chain logistics at Dalian Port. Especially in the aspect of frozen meat distribution center, by establishing the cold chain hub with Dalian as the core, the company radiates northeast and promotes the return flow of meat products at Dalian port; With the help of bonded transit allocation system of Shenyang Northeast cold fresh products port, meet the needs of customers for rapid clearance; Open up Dalian - Shenyang, Dalian - Harbin, Dalian - Zhengzhou and other important inland transport routes, to reduce costs for customers. The exploration of the global meat bonded warehouse mode will promote the construction of a multi-functional comprehensive trading platform integrating supply resources, information, price, financing and logistics support, improve supply chain finance and promote the development of the international meat trade industry, so as to promote the mutual benefit and win-win situation of all parties in the supply chain.