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The First Return China-Europe Freight Train from Beilerast Logistics Center

Add Time:2020-06-19 15:59:45


At noon on June 18, Moscow time, the Train, carrying 61 containers of 40-foot, departed from Moscow's Beilerast Logistics Center to Jinan in Shandong province via Erenhot in Inner Mongolia. This is the first China-Europe freight train despatched since the center was put into operation. It marks substantial progress in the construction of a major Sino-Russian port and railway logistics corridor and is of great significance to promoting economic and trade exchanges between Russia and China as well as the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative".

The Beilerast Logistics Center, built by Yingkou Port and Russian Railway Corporation, is the largest logistics center railway station in Russia. The project went into operation on December 27, 2019, and was approved for customs establishment on April 2 this year. Three railway loading and unloading lines of 1,050 meters and storage yard of 56,000 square meters of the first phase have been put into use. Ma Yunchi, General Manager of Beilerast Logistics Center, said: "In the industry, the China-Europe freight trains that will enter China through customs from Europe are collectively referred to as the Return China-Europe freight trains. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the construction and operation of the Beilerast Logistics Center has not stopped. Since it was put into production, the center has despatched one train every day to three trains every two days, with a steady increase in traffic volume. So far, it has despatched more than 100 trains and 10,000 TEU in total.

Beilerast logistics Center is located 30 kilometers north of Moscow, the capital of Russia. It is not only the hub of China-Europe freight train, but also one of the important terminal markets of China-Europe freight train, with significant regional advantages. Since 2017, Yingkou Port has cooperated with Russia Railway to build the largest logistics center in Russia. The first cross-border operation of the freight train is undoubtedly a great benefit to both Liao Port Group and Russia Railway Corporation.

With the acceleration of the resumption of work and production by domestic enterprises, the domestic demand for raw materials has increased greatly, and the China-Europe freight train has played an important role in ensuring the smooth flow of the supply chain for the import of materials. The local government of Russia also listed the Beilerast Logistics Center as a key construction project and gave strong support to its construction and operation. The opening of the international freight train enables goods travelling between Moscow and Jinan in Shandong province to arrive within 15 days, greatly saving logistics costs and transportation time. At present, the return freight trains mainly cover wood products, industrial raw materials products, flour, grain and oil, etc., while the outward freight trains mainly cover industrial equipment, household appliances, clothing and other daily necessities.

Since this year, Liao Gang Group has made full use of its port advantages to further strengthen cooperation with China-Europe freight train platforms in Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Tongliao and other places. On the basis of stabilizing the operation of existing projects such as The Samsung express train, the Liao Gang Group has successively developed the railway lines in Hoff Reno and Murmansk, Russia. In the future, Liao Gang Group will further promote the project construction, actively build high-quality freight train products with Liaoning and even China-Europe freight trains companies nationwide, increase the two-way full load rate, jointly improve the comprehensive service level of China-Russia railway channel, and build the Beilerast Logistics Center into an overseas window for the opening up of northeast China.