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The Largest Logistics Center in Russia Railway Station to Realize Two-way Shipping Jointly Built by China and Russia

Add Time:2020-07-07 16:02:20


On the morning of July 3, China's first China-Europe freight train to Moscow's Beilerast Logistics Center, "Shenyang, Liaoning -- Beilerast in Moscow" was launched at the Shenyang Inland Port logistics station of Liaoning Port Group, becoming another effort for Liaoning Province and Liaoning Port Group to overcome the impact of the epidemic and accelerate their integration into " the Belt and Road Initiative". So far,Moscow Beilerast Logistics Center has officially realized the two-way operation of the China-Europe freight train and become the "courier station" of the China-Europe freight train in Moscow.

Chen Lvping, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, Deng Renjie, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Group Limited and Chairman of Liaoning Port Group, attended the launch ceremony and started the train. Song Yanlin, Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, Nikolaevich, Deputy General Manager of Russia Railway Corporation, and Zhang Yi, General Manager of Liaoning Port Group, delivered speeches at the ceremony respectively. The launch ceremony was presided over by Zhou Qinghong, Deputy General Manager of Liaoning Port Group. Zhao Weipeng, General Manager of Taiping Bay Development Company of China Merchants Bureau, and Xu Song, Pei Song and Huang Zhenzhou, leaders of Liaoning Port Group attended the activity.

On behalf of China and Russia, Song Yanlin And Nikolaevich spoke highly of the positive significance of the opening of the freight train to the economic and trade development of the two countries, and hoped that with the joint efforts of enterprises of the two countries, the Beilerast Logistics Center would be built into a demonstration project and a star project for overseas investment of Liaoning Province.

Zhang Yi said in his speech, the official launch of the first China-Europe freight train, "Shenyang, Liaoning -- Beilerast in Moscow", is a milestone in the development of the Beilerast Logistics Center and will vigorously promote the integration of Liaoning port into the " the Belt and Road Initiative", making new contributions to accelerating the construction of an international shipping center in Northeast Asia and serving the revitalization and development of Northeast China.

The train was carrying 42 40-foot containers of cargo, including 300,000 medical masks donated by the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, Shenyang Municipal Commerce Bureau and Shenyang Shenhe District Government to the Russian Railway Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Russian Railway"), and the cargoes such as auto parts, chemicals, machinery and equipment organized by the Shenyang branch of Sinotrans Northeast China Co., Ltd. are expected to arrive at the Beilerast Logistics Center in Moscow in 13-15 days.

Next, with the relevant resources and business advantages of China Merchants Group Limited, Liaoning Port Group will further strengthen the development of China-Europe freight train business, actively cooperate with China-Europe freight train companies to build high-quality freight train products, jointly improve the comprehensive service level of China-Russia railway channel, and provide important port logistics support and service guarantee for the development of export-oriented economy and the adjustment of industrial structure in Liaoning and even Northeast China.

At the ceremony, Liaoning Port Group signed strategic cooperation agreements with Liaoning Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Dalian Branch of China Development Bank and Liaoning Branch of Export-Import Bank of China. Taking this opportunity, the three financial institutions will support Liaoning Port Group to implement the "going global" strategy, participate in "the Belt and Road Initiative " construction and foreign economic cooperation at a higher level and in a wider range, and actively promote the construction of the international shipping center and international logistics center in Northeast Asia.