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Multi-country, Multi-mineral "Bonded Mixed Ore" Business

Add Time:2020-09-25 16:08:56

On September 22, with the support of innovation supervision policy of Dalian Customs, the first "bonded mixed ore" launching ceremony and the RTBF mixed ore product promotion conference was held at the Dalian Port ore terminal. Dalian Port of Liaoning Port Group has become the first port in China to carry out multi-country, multi-mineral "bonded mixed ore" business, and has also become the preferred partner of Rio Tinto Group to carry out "bonded mixed ore" business in Chinese ports.

Chen Sheng, General Manager of China District of Rio Tinto Group, Li Pengyu, member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of The Party Working Committee of Jinpu New Area and Director of the  Administrative Committee, Wu Zhixiu, Deputy Director of Dalian Customs, Dalian bonded area, maritime affairs, frontier defense, China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd., as well as relevant traders, steel mills, railways, shipping agents and other government departments, port units and enterprise representatives witnessed this historic moment.

Deng Renjie, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Group and Chairman of Liaoning Port Group, Zhang Yi, Party Secretary and General Manager of Liao Gang Group attended the ceremony and pressed the "kick-off ball" together with the guests to announce the official launch of Rio Tinto-Dalian “bonded mixed ore”. Xu Song, Deputy General Manager of Liaoning Port Group attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, different kinds of mineral powder from Canada and Australia were transported to the designated area of the "bonded mixed ore” storage yard by belt conveyor at the Dalian Port ore terminal. The giant bucket wheel machine rotated at a constant speed, “mixing” the two minerals in a strict ratio. The mixed RTBF not only gives play to the complementary advantages of the two kinds of ore powder, but also provides steel enterprises at home and abroad with a more cost-effective raw material choice. In the near future, it will be sold to major steel mills in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan of China, hinterland of Northeast China, etc.

During this period, Dalian Port (PDA) Company Limited signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with Rio Tinto Mining Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in iron ore port handling, warehousing, transit, bonded, mixed ore, trade and other fields, with the focus on expanding the cooperation and innovation mode of "bonded mixed ore", international transit and other business, and jointly build a world-class Northeast Asia iron ore mixing and distribution center.

Rio Tinto said the port's location, leading level of mixed ore operations, innovative regulatory policies and efficient service support from Dalian Customs make it an ideal partner for Rio Tinto to supply new mixed ore products to other Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea. At the same time, the cooperation with Dalian Port will also enhance Rio Tinto's ability to provide quality and stable products, and provide more innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers.

Rio Tinto is the world's leading international mining group, which is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and integrates the exploration, exploitation and processing of mineral resources. It supplies a large number of important minerals and metals to China each year, including iron ore, aluminum, copper, energy products and industrial minerals.

As the first specialized ore terminal in China with the qualification of "bonded mixed ore" and the first batch of the national specialized ore terminal allowing the unloading of 400,000 tons of ore carriers, Dalian Port ore terminal of Liaoning Port Group has created many firsts in domestic port mixing business in recent years, in the first half of this year, the amount of "bonded mixed ore" ranked the second in China, and the international transfer volume of "bonded mixed ore" ranked the first in China. Since the launch of "bonded mixed ore" business in 2016, the business volume of "bonded mixed ore" in Dalian Port has exceeded 46 million tons accumulatively, including 24 million tons of international transfer volume, both of which rank first in China.

Different from the past "bonded mixed ore" of a single country and a single mineral species, the successful implementation of the Rio Tinto -Dalian Port multi-country and multi-mineral "bonded mixed ore" is not only a positive result of the mixed ore business mode innovation carried out by Dalian Port in cooperation with Rio Tinto, but also an upgrade exploration of Dalian Customs for the "bonded mixed ore supervision mode", the experience of the fourth batch of Free Trade zones copied and promoted by the State Council.

On this basis, the Liaoning Port Group will give full play to the port business advantages, with the support of innovation supervision policy of the Customs, deepen the cooperation with overseas mining enterprise, constantly enrich and expand the "bonded mixed ore" business, consolidate and enhance the traditional advantages of Dalian Port in the field of "bonded mixed ore", accelerate the construction of iron ore mixing and distribution center in Northeast Asia, to contribute to the construction of Dalian Northeast Asia International shipping center.