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Seven China-Europe Freight Train Routes Opened at Overseas Station of Liao Kong Group This Year

Add Time:2020-11-03 16:10:49


On the morning of October 31, Moscow time, the first China-Europe freight train "Nanchang, Jiangxi – Beilerast, Moscow” loaded with 48 40-foot containers arrived at the Beilerast Logistics Center in Russia, which is the 7th china-Europe train line opened by the logistics center since this year, and has become another effort of Liaoning Port Group to seize the opportunity of "double cycle" development pattern and facilitate the construction of " the Belt and Road Initiative ".

On October 9, the China-Europe freight train “Nanchang, Jiangxi – Beilerast, Moscow” set off from Henggang station in Nanchang, loaded with elevator equipment, shoes, cloth, lamps, power supplies, epidemic prevention materials and other goods, and left through Erenhot Port. The route is jointly planned and launched by Liao Port Group, COSCO Container Lines(Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., Shanghai TORGMOLL SUPPLY CHAIN, and Beilerast Logistics Center, and it is also the 5th outward route of China-Europe freight train opened by Beilerast Logistics Center this year. According to the relevant cooperation plan, the train will be operated regularly once or twice a week.

The head of Shanghai TORGMOLL SUPPLY CHAIN said that since the first cooperation with the Beilerast Logistics Center in June this year, the two sides have made breakthroughs in the operation of China-Europe freight trains for the return journey, the freight trains in Russia and outward route of China-Europe freight trains. The cooperation has achieved remarkable results. TORGMOLL will continue to strengthen its cooperation with the Beilerast Logistics Center to gradually and orderly promote customer resources for operations in Beilerast. It is reported that the company plans to launch five "Ulanqab-Erenhot - Beilerast " Great Wall HAVAL special trains in November, and the first train is under preparation at present, scheduled to depart on November 3.

Since the launch of the first China-Europe freight train in June this year, The Beilerast Logistics Center, jointly built by Liaoning Port Group and Russian Railway Corporation, has been constantly improving its service capacity, giving full play to its role as an international logistics hub, strengthening ties with domestic China-Europe freight train platforms, and actively carrying out relevant cooperation to escort the China-Europe freight train.

So far, the Beilerast Logistics Center has opened seven China-Europe freight train routes this year, including 5 outbound freight routes and 2 return freight routes, covering 3 main exit ports from Northeast China and Inner Mongolia (Manzhouli, Suifenhe and Erenhot) to Russia. The successive opening of a number of China-Europe freight train routes not only provides more new transportation routes for goods transported by the China-Europe freight train, but also effectively alleviates the current situation of congestion at Moskow Vorsino station, ensuring the operation of the China-Europe freight train with timeliness and safety.