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Russian Far East Container Direct Route Newly Opened by Liaoning Port Group

Add Time:2020-11-11 16:12:45

At 9 a.m. on November 7, with the ship "AS CARINTHIA" under the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) berthing at the Dalian port container terminal, the Mediterranean Shipping GOLDEN HORN direct Far East route, the eighth foreign trade route opened by Liao Port Group since this year, was officially put into operation. This route not only fills the blank of Dalian port route network, but also is the first near-ocean route opened by Mediterranean Shipping in Dalian Port, which further expands the group's container route network layout.

Since this year, relying on the policy leading advantage of Dalian Area in Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Port Group have overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic, accurately grasped the development direction of the global shipping market, and explored the service potential of the Dalian port route network. On the basis of seven new foreign trade routes this year, it strived to make it the port-of-call of the Far East route of Mediterranean Shipping once again, opening up the maritime logistics channel between the hinterland and the Far East of Russia.

It is understood that in addition to Dalian Port, the route also expanded other ports-of-call such as Vladivostok port and Vostochny port in Russia, Busan port and Incheon Port in South Korea, and Shanghai, Ningbo and other major regional ports, becoming a maritime link connecting China's Bohai Rim region and southeast coastal ports with South Korea and Russia's Far East region, and further enhanced the strategic cooperative partnership between the Group and the world's second largest shipping company, Mediterranean Shipping.

The opening of this route has effectively saved the time and economic cost of goods export from Dalian to Russia's Far East region, thus avoiding the risks such as loss of goods, time delay and so on in the transit process of goods, providing efficient, convenient and low-cost direct shipping service for the trade between Russ