Seven Major Businesses

Bulk Cargo Department

This is a professional department in charge of bulk cargo management under Liaoning Port Group, which consists of five functional divisions of marketing, commerce, logistics, safety and comprehensive affairs. The Department is in charge of the management of 44 investment enterprises, including 18 port enterprises and 19 port logistics enterprises.


Bulk cargo department has seven docks located at Dalian Bay, Dayaowan, Changxing Island, Zhuanghe, Bayuquan, Panjin, Suizhong, respectively. They are equipped with 75 of bulk cargo berths, as well as a batch of modern deep-water berths enabling the docking capacity of 400,000 tons of ores, 70,000 tons of food, coals and steel respectively. Boasting an important large bulk cargo logistics center in northeast Asia, the Department mainly provides comprehensive logistics services of iron ore, coal, grain, steel, and equipment.


It has opened ship routes to cover major ports in east China, south China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and it is the first in China to have the qualification of iron ore futures bonded delivery, and to carry out bonded international transfer and mixed ore service for iron ore. At the same time, it is the first designated port of importing soybean futures in China and the first designated delivery warehouse of aluminum futures in northeast China.


In the future, we will take sincerity as our base and customers as our honor to provide professional and efficient integrated service with our port supply chain. We will serve our customers wholeheartedly and make friends with people of insight to seek for further cooperation.


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